Make cooking easier and make you fall in love with the kitchen!
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Make cooking easier and make you fall in love with the kitchen!


You may ask how kitchen utensils make cooking simple? Well, kitchen tools & equipment is a tremendous aid in keeping the cleanliness or maybe orderliness for the kitchen. Right kitchen utensils help to cook/bake with confident. Cooking with the correct utensils also makes it easier to stick to the recommended cook time. Every dish has a recommended cook time, and you can only follow these times if you use the correct equipment.

Rafow kitchen Utensil Set, including 23Pcs different utensils to meet all your needs for daily cooking, will make your cooking easier and more interesting.

Rafow kitchen Utensil Set


【Safe & Reliable Quality】This Kitchen Utensil Set is crafted with food-grade silicone, which is FDA-approved and BPA free, safe to use for any types of foods. It will not react with foods or beverages, or produce any fume. You can be worry-free to cook for your family with these kitchen utensils.

【Flexible & Durable】Our Cooking Utensil Set is specially designed for nonstick pan. Owing to the well-selected silicone material, the utensils are gentle for your nonstick pans, will not scratch or damage your pans like metal utensils do. Besides, it can provide a long-lasting use without cracking or melting, more durable than the wooden or polyamide one.

Rafow kitchen Utensil Set


【Utensil Holder & Hanging Holes】A utensil holder with drain hole is provided, allowing you to store and dry the utensils easily, keeping your kitchen neat and tidy. Also, the utensils come with hanging holes on the end of the handles, so that you can store them by hanging on hooks or wall-mounted bracket.

【Convenient to Clean】This Silicone Utensils for Cooking is dishwasher safe, thus you can easily clean them with dishwasher, saving your time and labour. As all the utensils are integrated and seamless, no need to worry about water accumulation inside. Please wash the kitchen utensils with warm water in time and keep them dry.

【23Pcs Cooking Utensil Set】This Cooking Set includes 1pcs small scraper, 1pcs spreader spatula, 1pcs pasta server, 1pcs flexible scraper, 1pcs slotted turner, 1pcs soup ladle, 1pcs large scraper, 1pcs slotted spoon, 1pcs kitchen tongs, 1pcs basting brush, 5pcs measuring cups, 5pcs measuring spoons, 2pcs silicone oven mitt, 1pcs utensil holder, able to satisfy all your daily needs for cooking or baking. It will be an ideal companion in your kitchen.

Please don't hesitate. In order to make cooking more interesting and have a healthy lifestyle, please choose our Rafow Kitchen Utensil Set now.

Also if you want to know more details or have any questions, please look through the detailed page or contact the customer service.

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