About us

Cooking is a pleasure for Peter, who not only likes to create innovative dishes, but also attentively observes the importance of cooking tools in the cooking process. As good tools can make cooking twice as effective, and can also provide better cooking results and make food more tasty.

As a result, Peter's talent became unstoppable, and he innovated dozens of kitchen tools, which greatly facilitated his cooking and his tools were loved by the locals. In order to make the tools helpful to more people, Peter set up a cooking tool research studio, constantly innovating kitchen tools to help people improve the cooking efficiency and results, but also to make people love cooking more and enjoy the fun it brings.

With the popularity of kitchen utensils, the RAFOW brand came into being in 2018. The foundation of RAFOW's growth comes from Peter's pursuit of food and his love for cooking. With the development of RAFOW, we have extended from focusing on the needs of the kitchen to all aspects of the home in 2020. Every product of RAFOW is created by observing and understanding life with our hearts. Everything is for a more convenient and refined life style.

RAFOW aspires to produce refined, innovative, practical, high-quality home kitchen products. We carefully study each product to make sure they are not only functional, but we have warehouses in multiple countries to get the goods to you quickly. RAFOW strives to be the best in the home kitchen.

RAFOW is an open platform, and we welcome you to give us feedback anytime on your suggestions for our products and your great discoveries about product innovation in your cooking process and daily home life. We always believe that everyone is an artist of life, so let's collaborate together to make our lives easier, more comfortable and better!

Our Slogan: You Are the Artist of Your Own Life!


AUKOW: AUKOW is the bathroom tools and home improvement brand owned by RAFOW. AUKOW focuses on the innovative research and development of bathroom tools and home improvement, and is determined to provide users with more convenient and better quality related products, so that users can enjoy a higher quality of life!

AOZOY: AOZOY is the lamps and lanterns brand owned by RAFOW, focusing on the R&D of outdoor and garden lighting, providing users with stylish, safe, green, energy-saving and intelligent outdoor lighting.

AOPOW: AOPOW is the bedding brand owned by RAFOW, it long-term focuses on the home bedding needs, and is determined to provide users with luxurious comfort and body-friendly home bedding products.